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what you see below is an email sent to my good friend Dan Pasternack after last monday’s performance.


Very emotional night for me …

Without asking mind you … this was the feedback i received tonight. This is what these two people came up and said to the best of my memory – it’s practically verbatim for a reason.

“A month or two ago, we were talking in the bathroom. I told you that you are too loud and that you talk too much. Do me a favor from here on out. Don’t listen to me man. It’s clear tonight that you know what you’re doing. You do draw it out and you are loud. But you draw them in. I’ve never seen that before. Easily the best set I’ve ever seen you do.” – Tanner Inman.

“Dude. Leaps and bounds better than any set I have ever seen you do. I watched you tonight and for the first time didn’t say to myself … “There’s a kid who’s an open mic’er with one or two jokes who tries.” I said “Holy fuck … he’s a comedian.” What makes me nervous is that I haven’t realized it until now. You’re not just a comedian. You’re a headliner. You know exactly who you are. So proud of you tonight. You killed.” – Matt Pharr.

Now of course you have to understand that despite my best intentions and notions I shouldn’t much care what these guys say because they have been so brutal with me as far as their opinions are concerned. And their opinions should mean nothing really . But it was a weird thing that happened tonight Dan …

I finished and as I got offstage and a group of comedians rushed me like I just scored the game winning goal. There were quite literally four to five comics hugging me and complimenting me the moment I got offstage. I was so disoriented that I didn’t really comprehend the applause until a few moments later, when it was still happening. It was astounding.

I hope that you more than anyone understand that I am not attempting to brag or gloat, it was a very very dramatic first for me … and as we’ve discussed it before I don’t want to blow it up and make it one of those “best nights of my life” or such a drastic high that anything else will kind of destroy me. But i wanted to tell someone who understood where I came from.

Even Sandford … someone who I know doesn’t find me all that funny particularly was very complimentary and even mentioned how I picked a great time to close. I did between 15 and 18 as opposed to the full 20 I could have done. He told me it was very smart and concise even. I was beaming.

I made the conscious decision to not record the show tonight, because I wanted it to be personal and not promotional. I wanted the show to be about the performance and not a tool to sell myself. I wanted it to be me accepting myself and putting myself on the line and seeing what was to come of it. I am so proud of the results. I am proud of what I am becoming. Most importantly, I know who I am.

There are so SO many speed bumps on the road … but I know I will get there.

I missed you tonight buddy,


advice …

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a peer and good friend told me tonight:

“you talk too much and you’re too loud.”

live from my living room with todd glass …

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doing a show with your favorite people rules …

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did well at this …

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really enjoyed the room. low ceilings. the laughs crash constantly like waves.

… another one bites the dust …

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laughing skull festival, the atlanta comedy festival at my home club did not pick me to participate in the first atlanta stand-up comedy festival. no rejection letter this time. just didn’t make the cut.

something special …

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i’m a huge fan of bill cosby. a huge fan. when i was a child, i very vividly recall traveling from atlanta to new york to visit my family. in the car, we had only three cassette tapes. two bill cosby collections and steven wright’s “i have a pony.” i was enthralled by cosby’s storytelling capabilities, and my adoration of humor began. this became one of the most important albums that i had ever heard or will ever hear:

this past tuesday night, i performed onstage for over an hour and a half. there will be more about that later … but in the process – i did come up with this:

you can listen to it here:

so much more to come …