ain’t never gonna break my stride …

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received this upon waking up this morning :

“Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for your submission to the 7th Annual Charleston Comedy Festival. We truly appreciate it and have been inspired by the number of artists around the country who are creating great comedic work.

We received over 125 applications and had the difficult job of narrowing it down. Unfortunately, we are not able to invite you to the festival this year.

Again, we truly appreciate your submission and look forward to collaborating with you in the future.”


mr. kindler … you’re doing very well, mr. kindler …

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kindler (photo by jmorg)

i got to perform with andy kindler twice this weekend. the guy is a genius and a master. he’s so well respected and adored in just about every comedy circle. i’ve never seen a guy riff on a rogue moth fluttering above the crowd. i’ve never seen a guy effectively return to an abandoned joke almost ten times, and then kill with it every time it’s brought up. i’ve never seen win over a tight and stuffy room so effortlessly. what made the entire experience even better … he was a great guy.

kindler & i (photo by jmorg)

new acquisitions …

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Gilda Radner – “Live From New York” (Vinyl)

Groucho Marx – “An Evening With Groucho” (Vinyl)

Eugene Mirman – “God Is A 12-Year Old Boy With Aspergers” (CD)

Bob Zmuda – “Andy Kaufman REVEALED” (Book)

Ben Stiller & Janeane Garafalo – “Feel This Book” (Book)

Rolling Stone – “The Book Of Comedy” (Book)

i keep listening to george …

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“I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is and cross it deliberately.” – George Carlin

2010 charleston comedy festival submission email …

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i just sent in an email attempting to get into the charleston comedy festival stand up competition. my good buddies, the beards of comedy will be there. i’ll hopefully hear back from them relatively soon.

thats all…

you know there is a backstage …

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(photo by JMorg)

(photo by JMorg)

the atlanta journal constitution / access atlanta / lol

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within recent memory (a few months now,) i have been working on a joke …

since it’s conception and creation the joke now has made some very distinct changes, and has an altered delivery …

yet strangely enough, i found out that local atlanta newspaper and website, the atlanta journal constitution (or “ajc” for short) wanted to post a very early version of the bit on their in their “lol” section (a section made specifically to provide a chuckle to both local and touring comedians.) it apparently ran on the front web page for the ajc for a day.

here is the link to a joke in it’s infancy